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New 2016 Courses available at Sardinia Italian Studies!

 Sardinia Italian Studies full immersion courses

If you want to take an Italian course in Sardinia and meanwhile have the chance to explore and experience

the cultural and natural diversity of this unique island situated in the middle of Mediterranean sea, you are in the right website!

Our Italian language school in Cagliari, Sardinia, offers study Italian classes (private lessons or language courses in a group) from one week up to one year!

And with the Italian language courses, you will be also offered a program of social and cultural activities.


Calendar Spring – Summer 2016

One week 17 – 25 May

Two weeks 10 – 25 May

Three weeks 3 – 25 May

Four weeks 26 April – 25 May

Eight weeks 29 March – 25 May


One week 10 – 17 July

Two weeks 10 – 24 July

Three weeks 10 – 31 July

Four weeks 10 July – 7 August

Eight weeks 10 July – 3 September


Fall 2016

One week 28 August – 4 September

Two weeks 21August – 4 September

Three weeks 14 August – 4 September

Four weeks 7 August – 4 September

Eight weeks 7 July – 4 September


If, beyond learning Italian in Italy and a full immersion study abroad stay, you also want a fuller cultural experience in Sardinia, you can choose our Italian culture courses combined with our Italian language courses:

Italian, cooking and wine tasting: Wines and traditional food of Sardinia

Dynamic Italian: Hiking, trekking and biking in Sardinia

Enjoy Italian&Sea: Diving, sailing and windsurfing in the wonderful Sardinian coasts

Italian and Theatre: Learning Italian language through theatre exercises


For further information, please write to info[at]sardiniaitalianstudies.it


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